Monday, April 22, 2019

"On One" is now being featured in Elle McLin

The new single from Piff Game Entertainment recording artist Genesis is now being featured in Elle McLin, the number one web blog for writers, poets, creatives and of course songwriters.  Check out the feature at the direct link below

Saturday, April 13, 2019

"On One" featured in the Business Minded Website

Piff Game Entertainment artist Genesis' new single "On One" is now being featured in the Business Minded Website!

Check it out at the direct link below....

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

"On One" gets great reviews in THE MEDIA BLAST and THE BEAT YARD

Everybody is loving the new single "On One" by Genesis from fans to critics to bloggers and everyone in between!  Two of the most recent sites to sing the praise of the soon to go viral hit single are The Media Blast and The Beat Yard!  Read up about what they had to say at the direct links below....

The Media Blast says Genesis' "On One" could be the

The Beat Yard gives "On One" the BANGING BEAT OF THE WEEK Award!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

GESESIS now being featured in Blacktopia, CW Music, SEHH Magazine and MORE!

Hip hop recording artist GENESIS is now being featured on several high trafficking websites and blogs!  Read all about it below.

Genesis is now being featured on the prestigious Blacktopia website!  Check it out at the direct link below....

Genesis is now being featured in the CW Music website!  Check it out at the direct link here

Genesis is now being spotlighted in Southeast Hip Hop Magazine.

Genesis is now being featured in BLACK VIBES!  Check it out at the link below.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Welcome to the Genesis Music Blog

Detroit native creates Genesis of sound with new EP ‘Been Too Long’
MONROE, MI – Joe “Genesis” Jackson is an R&B and hip-hop artist born and raised in Detroit. His unique versatility on the mic and his one-of-a-kind stage presence is a breath of fresh air to an industry that he said often feels monotonous and routine. He wants to spark a new beginning in hip-hop and R&B, and that Genesis starts with his upcoming EP “Been Too Long.”

“I’ve done music for a while but I took a step back for a few months and haven’t released anything for a while,” he said. “I have a lot of support where I’m from and people have been sending me a lot of messages about wanting new music. So this project is for my supporters and fans who have been waiting to hear from me. It’s my shout out to all the fans and some stories of my life experiences while I’ve been away. I’m gonna follow that up with two albums that will be released later this year.”
True to his name, Genesis said there is no two songs from his repertoire that sound the same. He is always endeavoring to create something new – whether that be with his flow, or through the instrumentals, or even through the subject matter he tackles through his lyrics. It’s an approach that he said fans have come to expect from him – loving a mellow song and switching up to a club song on the next track, and then switching over to a romantic R&B ballad on the next.

“I do that on purpose because I don’t want to sound the same as anyone else,” Genesis said. “I think today everyone sounds the same. I don’t listen to the radio for that reason. What sets me apart is that I can do the elementary things, but then I can also step out of the box and do any style or beat or genre and people love me. There’s not just one thing about me. And at the end of the day I make feel-good music. I believe I have some of the hottest lyrics and bars in the industry. When you put that with my versatility and ability to perform with a lot of different styles, you get a true Genesis of sound.”
The debut single from Genesis’ upcoming EP is a song called “On One.” He said the lyrics in the song serve as kind of an inside-nod to the fans who know him well, in that they’ll know immediately what he’s talking about through the song. More than anything, though, he said it’s a song that he said tells the world that he’s still the same “monster” of a musician that he was before he left a few months ago.

In addition to Genesis’ EP release, he’ll also be performing live on March 23 at the Fifth Annual Midwest Fashion and Beauty Expo in Puerto Rico. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

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